Sep 25th

Celebrity News! Blake Lively's Engagement Ring.

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I know that I've expressed some strong feelings about celebrity engagement rings, but that isn't stopping them from buying bigger and more expensive rings. However, I must commend this couple on their feat, it's not every day that a high profile couple can manage to wed in a private ceremony with little media coverage until after the event.  So, I must admit how happy I am that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got to enjoy their beautiful day in privacy!

I read that People magazine had photographers camped out on a yacht trying to get photos, but other than that, it seems Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds managed to have a relatively peaceful wedding day.  Of course, like everyone else, I was very interested to see the wedding bling!  This week, a grainy photo was released of Lively's ring which can be seen here.  One this is certain, whether you love or hate it, Blake Lively's engagement ring is jaw dropping.

The couple has not spoken to the press since their wedding, but several experts have estimated the oval cut diamond to be about 12 carats.  My best guess was in that range as well.  The actual cost of the ring would certainly be based on the cut and clarity of the diamond, but I'm guessing this is a pretty high quality diamond.  I would estimate the value of the ring to be well over $1 million dollars, though it is difficult to guess without getting a better look at the ring.

There are rumors floating around that the engagement ring was designed by famed Hollywood designer Lorraine Schwartz, so it is unclear if Reynolds paid full price for it.  The band of the ring is pave style and it is Rose Gold, a popular trend in jewelry.  The ring looks as if it were made just for Blake Lively, it has a bit of a modern edge to it, so it suits her perfectly.

Let me know what you think about the ring.  Is $1 million too much to spend on a ring?  Do you love it, hate it, or are you stuck in the middle?

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