Chicago Jewelry: A Tradition of Excellence

Your Gift for any Occasion is Chicago Jewelry


Maybe you want to reward yourself? Perhaps you would like something interesting for a loved one? Our process gets you the custom jewelry that you want, not whatever happens to be in the case. Change the way you shop for jewelry.

We have the design expertise to create that perfect token of your sentiment and devotion

A piece of Jewelry can’t be everything to everyone, but it can be something special to you and your loved ones. When you need something distinctive for an important person in your life, rely on us for perfect, beautiful Jewelry.

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When you require something unique, magical, and memorable


The Chicago jewelry tradition started in 1912. Styles and diamond cuts have changed. The undeniable allure of a Jewelry masterpiece has not. Our professional custom design services can take care of all the details. You get the amazing opportunity to create something truly exceptional for any reason or any occasion.

To complement your collection, or start one anew, we can help you achieve:

  • A splendid Ring for an important and noteworthy event
  • A pleasant Pair of Earrings for everyday wear
  • A keepsake Necklace to remember a significant milestone
  • A smart Bracelet for a holiday gift
  • An uncommon Pendant for an unusually momentous occasion

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Are you getting burned out shopping for jewelry?


Do you feel that your Jeweler isn’t giving you the attention you deserve? We believe that jewelry is not just stone and metal. It is an extension of the personality of its wearer, a sign of commitment, and a reminder of love. Elevate your experience and feel the power that jewelry can have.

"The most precious jewels are not made of stone, but of flesh" -Robert Ludlum

Trust an expert to help you make a decision that just feels right

Whatever you want to signify or celebrate, we have the knowledge to help you create a tasteful and inspiring piece of Jewelry. Chicago tradition ensures that we will spare no expense to make your item breathtaking.

Our artistic process requires time, so call (312) 920-0075 or email us to set up your appointment today.

Together we will create something beyond compare.