Feb 21st

Custom Waveform Wedding Bands

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A Japanese designer has created an interesting custom made wedding band. This idea might not be for everyone, but it certainly shows some creativity. Sakurako Shimizu's waveform wedding rings uses a sound waveform design and I think you'll agree that it really stands out. The waveform could potentially describe any sound, but the rings featured include "I do" as spoken by each partner. Of course, you can decide to feature any number of waveforms if you chose to go this route. At the very least, you might get some interesting questions about what the heck is going on with your ring. It would be a pretty interesting story to tell, but there is one little problem with the whole set up, you can't actually hear the words spoken.

This next artist has solved this problem in the most exciting of ways. Luke Jerram is a artise extraordinaire. Just check out some of his installations! I don't know about you, but I have always been fascinated by art on such a massive scale. In a completely different direction, however, is the very tiny talking ring! Yes, you heard me right, this ring can "sort of" talk. It is a bit like a record, and he actually used the services of a jeweler and a vinyl record manufacturer to accomplish this incredible feat. The ring has a bunch of scraggly lines, much like a record. When placed into a special player, that also had to be created, it plays a message recorded by the artist. What's more, this is the actual ring he used to propose! I hope all you ladies out there don't get jealous that your husband didn't take the time and effort to create your very own talking ring. Go and check out the video and have a listen for yourself. The actual sound isn't the best, but I think we can give our friend Luke a break this time. It really is the thought that counts.

Even if this might not be up your alley, this really hits home on the idea that you can create something truly unique and special with a bit of imagination. Do you have any wild ideas? We would love to to try and make your special design come to life. Give us a call at 312-920-0075 and we can chat, and together, we can create something magical.