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Shouldn’t it be a pleasure to purchase a diamond in Chicago?

You have many options to choose from in your search and you need an knowledgeable professional by your side. Gale Diamonds Chicago has years of experience picking diamonds and thousands of satisfied customers. We are experts at getting you the exact diamond you desire. Whatever shape suits your fancy, we have something for you. Visit our Chicago diamond showroom and experience the beauty of diamonds in person.

The Gale Difference guarantees that an unforgettable experience awaits you

If your curious about the characteristics that go into the perfect stone, you can explore our education section to get answers to your questions, or...

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The Chicago Diamond experience the way it was meant to be

Get the attention and time you need and the thoughtfulness you deserve. Every Chicago diamond is unique. Let your quest be just as unique as the diamonds in your beautiful custom mounting.

Our expertise can help you select a jaw-dropping diamond in your budget. We help you understand what characteristics are most important to you and hand pick a precise selection of diamonds just for you.

Learn the art of an exquisite diamond

Chicago is the perfect environment to showcase a diamonds exquisite qualities for you. When you come to our office, you don't have to worry, we take care of the details so you can relax and enjoy the beauty of diamonds.

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Quality, value, and convenience

Go with the jeweler you can trust and feel safe with, knowing your desires are our priority. Discover how ideal traits are essential and get a quality diamond, all while having fun doing it. You are purchasing your diamond and engagement ring for a very special occasion. We understand that, and we will make everything about your experience just as special.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” -Greg Anderson

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