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Looking for diamonds on the internet is very popular these days. There are numerous resources online that will help you along in your diamond search. This diamond guide is not designed to be an end all or be all, but a simple and straightforward collection of articles that will get you up-to-date and prepare you to get serious about your diamond search.

A few notes before you begin...

Doing preliminary work so that you aren't jumping into jewelry shopping blind is a great idea. However, it is just as easy to get an information overload. Our recommendation for anyone doing any kind of diamond shopping is to get out there and look at some real diamonds. Certificates and grades are a great way to quickly classify diamonds and compare prices, but you aren't buying a fancy piece of paper. More than likely, you're buying the look in their eyes when you surprise them with a shiny piece of jewelry. Unfortunately, there are no grading standards for human emotion to guide you to the right diamond. This is why it is important to see with your eyes exactly what you're purchasing.

In addition to research work, many people choose to purchase online. We have an obvious bias, since we don't sell online, but we don't recommend it in any case. For an important diamond purchase, which usually will cost a significant sum, it just makes sense to see what you're getting before you lay out the money. We won't sell loose diamonds online for that reason alone. In addition, with certain grades like clarity, you can't get the full picture from a grade or diamond plot on a certificate. You need to see the diamond in person, look at it with a loupe, and turn it this way and that to make sure it looks exceptional from every angle. Through that process, you will also get to know and trust your jeweler. Creating a relationship you can rely on for repairs and future purchases is a small but important reason to shop at a real live store.

Guiding Light: The Diamond Guide that will illuminate and educate

Now we get to move to the fun stuff. We will start off our class with an introduction to four traits that are considered so important, they have their own nickname. You'll also learn of a few other important, but more obscure, traits so you will have a well-rounded set of knowledge to start off with. To complete your masterclass, you can contact us for a personal appointment so you can have a look at those polished and sparkly rocks that you've been reading so much about.