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A Guide To Buying Bracelets - Holiday and Birthday Jewelry

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Well, if you checked out my last blog post, you will know that Macy's already has their stores decked out for the holidays.  This got me thinking about all the men I see coming into my store several days before Christmas looking for a special gift for their wives or girlfriends.  This year, I'm hoping to get you all thinking about your holidays or even birthday jewelry presents early so that you can take the time to pick out a truly unique piece that your lady is sure to love.

In my previous guide, I discussed pendants.  In this guide, I am switching the focus to bracelets.  I am going to present to you a wide variety of options and suggestions.  When look at these, try to think about what style would best suit your girlfriend or wife.  If you are stumped, take a photo of some of the jewelry she usually wears and bring it in to me.  That will help me figure out the style she is most likely to love.

Up until about two decades ago, pretty much the only bracelets requested by both men and women were diamond tennis bracelets.  This is because the tennis bracelet was made popular, and actually named after, Chris Everett, who wore that style bracelet while playing tennis.  Tennis bracelets are still very popular, but many are now made with a more modern twist.  In addition, the selection of bracelets is no longer limited to diamonds.  Multi-stone and two toned bracelets are becoming more and more popular.  I'm going to show you a sample of the designs that are commonly requested by our customers.

  1. This is the traditional diamond tennis bracelet. The one pictured is 1.00ct tw and is set in 14K white gold. This is an example of the elegant and classic tennis bracelet. These are truly timeless. What women most love about them is that they can be worn with jeans or to a black tie affair. They are versatile and beautiful. I have always felt that every women should own at least one traditional diamond tennis bracelet.
  2. Bangle bracelets have always been a popular holiday and birthday go-to gift.  They have always been a staple in most women's jewelry cases.  However, over the past three years or so, there has been a trend to include stones in the bracelets as shown here.  These bracelets are popular in either white gold, yellow gold, or sterling silver.  The nice thing about them is they can be layered.  Wearing yellow and white gold bangles together is very trendy, and the gemstone bangles are very eye catching when worn like this.  The bracelet pictured has multiple gemstones in it, but bangle can be made with only one gemstone, or even no gemstones.  Bangles are typically more casual bracelets, but we have created some stunning custom bangles that were certainly designed more for dressier occasions.
  3. This bracelet is a sort of twist on the traditional diamond tennis bracelet.  It is still encircled in diamonds as you can see, but with sapphires set in it as well.  Keep in mind that the stone other than diamond does not have to be sapphire.  Many people choose to use their significant other's birthstone.  Or, for a truly unique and custom gift, you can use the birthstones of the members of your family as the accent stones.
  4. Cuff bracelets truly are all the rage right now.  These are dramatic pieces that can often stand alone without the need for other heavy jewelry or accessories.  One thing to keep in mind with cuffs is that if your significant other is extremely petite and small boned, this style can look a little overwhelming on her.  You want her to wear the jewelry, not the other way around.  Some examples of cuff bracelets include this stainless steel hammered cuff on the left.  After seeing this, you will likely understand what I mean about taking the size of the woman into account.  I like diamond cuffs as well, as they are modern and unique and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This black and white diamond stunner is one of my favorites.  It is eye catching and gives off an amazing sparkle.  Finally, cuffs are being designed in more modern styles incorporating trends such as the colored gemstone. I always enjoy modern asymmetrical designs, so this one is obviously a favorite of mine.
  5. Cultured pearl bracelets are also very popular and come in a variety of styles. Many people don't think of pearls as a typical bracelet stone. I have had many customers tell me that pearls are something their grandmother wears. However, their opinion generally changes quickly once they get a look at some of the more modern pearl styles such as this one.
  6. Beaded stretch bracelets are another popular option.  These are often a nice idea for a couple who is not yet engaged, but is still in a committed relationship. Stones typically used in these bracelets are called Tiger's Eye, and they come in a variety of colors. These can be worn alone or layered, making them versatile pieces.
  7. Link bracelets are still very popular and highly requested items. These bracelets, similar to bangles, are pretty much a staple that most women can never get enough of. There are so many variations of the link bracelet. The design shown here is a modern take on the link bracelet. Keep in mind that bracelets can be tailored to your budget and needs. This particular bracelet is sterling silver, but it still looks exceptional.
  8. One of my favorite new designs are the knot style bracelets such as this one.  There are necklaces to match, and this classic style can be worn with casual wear or dressy wear.

I could literally go on for days about different types of bracelets.  The possibilities truly are endless.

You might also consider an inscription as another way to make your holiday or birthday jewelry gift that much more special.  Brad Pitt is rumored to have proposed to Angelina Jolie with a ring inscribed with something that only has meaning to the two of them.  Of course, the entire world wants to know what was written, but the fact that it has special meaning for only the two of them makes the ring that much more special. We would have no problem adding an inscription to a bracelet or other jewelry, and we've had some customers come up with some very creative ideas. In my experience, inscription is a beautiful way to show the woman you love that you put extra thought into planning her gift.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and comments.  Are there any bracelets you'd like to see more of?  Which ones do you like and which can you do without?  I make every effort to respond to comments quickly.  If you'd like to discuss designing or buying a bracelet for an upcoming birthday or holiday gift, please call me 312-920-0075.  My goal is to design a piece that both you and your significant other will love and cherish for years.

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