Feb 27th

Uggie the wonder dog had some fancy Jewelry for the Oscars

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The "star" of the Academy Awards Best Picture winner The Artist had on some serious bling for his appearance at the Oscars. He even got to go on the stage with the rest of the cast and crew to celebrate the win. Prior to the festivities, he really stole the show on the red carpet. Everyone, it seemed, wanted a picture with the pooch, and he was more than happy to oblige.

Fashion is always a big deal during the Oscars, and Uggie didn't hold back. He was seen wearing a Chopard bowtie made of 18kt Gold and Satin featuring a dog bone shaped charm. There are pictures and some more info over at Us Magazine.

This wasn't dear Uggie's first foray into fashionable jewelry, at a pre-Oscar event held by Harvey Weinstein he was seen wearing a Chopard collar said to be worth $190,000! Luckily, he had 3 bodyguards to protect him and his expensive adornment. This didn't stop him from stealing the show and getting a slew of pictures with Hollywood's jetset. There are pictures of the jewelry featured over at Jewelers' Circular Keystone. Caroline Scheufele, Chopard's artistic director and co-president (who owns seven dogs herself) designed both pieces.

This story has an ending that makes it even more heartwarming. Uggie, surprisingly enough, was a rescue dog. Both pieces will be auctioned off to benefit The Amanda Foundation, a Los Angeles based rescue shelter that helps out homeless cats and dogs. Everybody Wins!