Gale Diamonds—More than just a name

An Old-Fashioned Jeweler

Why we are different

To stay in business for so long, one has to go above and beyond expectations in price, quality, and service. We accomplish these goals by:

  • Not investing in pre-made settings:
    You get unbeatable prices on custom-made masterpieces
  • Keeping advertising to a minimum:
    You get great prices everyday
  • No fancy offices:
    You get to focus on what's really important
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on your custom jewelry
    You get piece of mind
  • Taking time and using a stress-free, no pressure process
    You'll feel right at home

Are we the jeweler for you?

We think your choice of jeweler is an important personal decision. When you need jewelry, it often coincides with important and often busy times in your life. In the age of shopping malls and chain stores, it can be hard to find the right custom jeweler that you just know you can trust when you need to make an important decision, like how big you want the diamond in your engagement ring. If the Gale Difference is any one thing, it's that personal touch. It can't be described in words, but if you give us a call and set up your appointment you can experience it for yourself.

For over 25 years we have been custom crafting beautiful gold and platinum jewelry. We have always emphasized customer service and accepted nothing less than perfection and it is easy to see why our customers recommend us to their friends and family. Before the internet, most of our business was word of mouth the old fashioned way. Even in these technological times, we still like to keep things simple, so the business is based on the same values and level of service that it was 25 years ago.

How the Jeweler was made

Mike Gale, the president and bedrock of Gale Diamonds Chicago, has been in the jewelry and precious metals business for 40+ years. He went from costume jewelry to gold, and stuck with diamonds because they offered something magical. To Mike, diamonds aren't just to be worn on a ring or necklace, they are an interesting item to be viewed and looked at. He brings this idea to each customer, into each appointment. Instead of using fancy pictures or technology, you get to look at real diamonds through a real loupe. With your education and lessons from Mike, you'll be an amateur gemologist in no time at all.

How the Storekeeper was born

His business sense comes from his father, who ran a successful furniture store through tough times. His first job was working for his father selling furniture. He learned many things, but the most important was to sell a quality product at a great price, and treat the customer right. From his humble beginnings, he set out to work for himself, and his entrepreneurial spirit lives on today at Gale Diamonds Chicago.