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What if you saved time and money at a Chicago Jewelry Store?

Many people associate Jewelry Stores with busy shopping malls and ritzy, expensive name-brand shops. While you may find what you are looking for in those places, save yourself the trouble. Why look through hundreds of pre-made pieces that don’t live up to your expectations or settle for something that doesn’t quite fit your tastes or budget?

Don't just select a setting, create a masterpiece!

You have another option. Our custom creations rival those of any fancy Jewelry Store in Chicago or anywhere else. In addition, you get exactly what you want for exactly what you want to pay. We will help you organize your ideas and meld them together to craft your own unique piece of Jewelry.

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Your imagination is the limit at Gale Diamonds Chicago

We have everything from three stone past-present-future designs to pearl bracelets. Maybe you’re considering an exquisite colored stone piece for your own VIP or a simple pair of earrings to accent your ensemble.

Let your fantasies come to life at a comfortable and personal consultation

What you desire can be found right here, we just need your help to craft it. It doesn't matter if you are searching for your initial engagement ring or looking to expand your personal collection. We have your dream item.

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The Gale Difference makes all the difference

One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others. - Lewis Carol

You can feel safe knowing that you are in control. Do the smart thing and experience everything the Gale Difference has to offer. Our customers recommend us because they want their friends to get the same A-List treatment they did.

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