Quick Tips for cleaning your jewelry at Home

Quick Tips for cleaning your jewelry at Home

Posted by Mike on Sep 20th 2018

The best thing to do is bring your jewelry in 1-2 times per year where we can professionally clean & polish it and have all the stones checked. However, in between visits, your jewelry can get a little dirty. If you want to give it a quick once over, here is a simple method that you can do with items you probably already have around the house:

This advice is great for diamonds, gold, platinum and other jewelry. If you're cleaning jewelry with pearls, don't use soap. Pearls are delicate and require extra care. Use this guide for pearls.

If you have diamond, gold, and platinum jewelry, you're good to go, move on to Step 1

If you have a unique gemstone in your jewelry, it's probably best to check with the experts. The GIA has a great guide on the various gemstones that includes information on caring for them. Select your stone of choice and navigate to the buyers guide for information on caring for the stone.

  • Step 1: Mix a bit of mild soap in a bowl of warm water

  • While you can just use water, a few drops of soap can be helpful in getting grease, hand cream, or other dirt off the ring that may collect in some it's crevices over time. Warm is the operative word, you don't need to use hot water. I want to reiterate, if you're cleaning jewelry with pearls, don't use soap. Soap and water is a safe bet for diamonds, gold, and platinum (and most other stones).

  • Step 2: Let it soak for a few minutes

  • While this step isn't 100% mandatory, a quick soak can help loosen up the dirt for the next step. You don't need to leave it in for long, couple of minutes will do.

  • Step 3: Get a soft bristled toothbrush and scrub

  • A toothbrush is great because the bristles help you get into some of the tighter corners. A soft cloth or other cleaning implement can work if you don't have a spare toothbrush lying around. A Q-Tip can be a good substitute or addition to your cleaning arsenal.

  • Step 4: Rinse the ring off in clean water

  • You don't want any soap left on your ring, so rinse it off under the tap or in a clean bowl of water. Make sure you get it all off, as any leftover soap could leave a residue.

  • Step 5: Use a soft lint free cloth and dry

  • Get it as dry as you can. Then, set it on the cloth for a period after to let it air dry.

Because the dirt builds up over time, you won't tend to notice the reduction in brightness. You might be surprised what a quick clean up can do to the appearance of your ring!

While a regular schedule of cleaning every few weeks can keep your ring nice and shiny at home, over time it can get scuffed up and that kind of wear can't be handled at home. Inspect your ring after you clean it and see if there are any scuffs, scratches, or other wear and tear. If it's starting to look a bit too beat up, bring it in for polishing and we can make it look like new.